Summer on a budget

Woo hoo it’s summer time!! Summer is fun because there’s so much to do but also hard because you don’t wanna break the bank (real talk). After dealing with winter for what felt like half the year we were so ready to have the best summer ever and so far I think we really are! Some of my favorite things to do that are cheap or even free are: the park, splash pads, water gun fights, water balloon fights, going for hikes or walks, and of course swimming at the lake or friends houses! And if you don’t have a backyard like us (apartment life) just go to a park or a baseball field for some water fun! I think my favorite memory of this summer so far was on a really hot day we went to the dollar store and bought water guns (paid literally $3) and went to our closest park and had a family water fun fight! It was so fun, we all laughed the whole time and it definitely got a lot of energy out (toddler life over here) which was amaaaaazing. Hopefully these tips help some mamas out this summer, hope everyone has fun and stays cool


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