Toddler plans

So about an hour away from where we live this farm has fields of sunflowers to help support the make a wish foundation and we go every year. This year we were really busy the week that it was open but we managed to find a few hours to go there and see the flowers, get ice cream & take pictures! I even bought Liv a sunflower kimono weeks ago to wear there, so I was pretty excited. The day finally comes, the weather is perfect, we have a great drive to the farm…. and then it happened.

The terrible twos.

Liv got out of the car and had zero desire to walk, didn’t care about the flowers one bit (even though was clapping and saying “fowers!” in the car on the way there) didn’t want ice cream or the rides, she just wasn’t having any of it. I took about 3 photos, my hubby got ice cream and we left. I was pretty upset on the way home that this day I was looking forward to for so long felt ruined. We didn’t have the fun time I thought we were going to have and I was pretty disappointed.

On the drive home my hubby was telling me how this is just going to happen. She’s two. She has no idea where we are, what we’re doing or what’s happening. He told me that this is just a part of parenting, not every plan is going to go the way I expect- and that it’s OKAY. It’s definitely something I need to realize as a parent and something that I need to come to terms with and not get upset over every time.

They say your children grow right before your eyes but in all honestly I’m always growing as a mother. I’m always being tested in different ways and learning to adapt to different things too. It’s a learning experience for all of us. We’re all growing and learning together and to be that’s the best part of parenting.

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