Baby 2 where are you…

I swear you pop one kid out and immediately everyone’s asking when you’re gonna have another kid. I never really minded until it became constantly- and even by strangers! It’s like asking a married couple when they’re gonna start trying for kids… like it’s anyone else’s business. We honestly aren’t trying for baby two any time soon and we’re happy with that. Of course if anything happens we will be happy with another baby, we just aren’t trying…. yet.

I honestly love being a family of three. Olivia gets all of our attention, all of our love, kisses & hugs. She’s equally obsessed with both of us, which is kind of nice because some days she’ll be all over me and some days all over dad so it’s a nice balance. I also love that Liv gets all of my attention, I’m never too busy for her. She is our whole life and she knows it.

I love being a mother, more than anything but I just don’t think I could handle another baby right now. Liv is A LOT of work, she’s energetic all day and a lot to handle all day every day. She’s also very stubborn and strong willed- which I am so proud of butttt it makes raising her a little more challenging.

I also don’t think I could handle being pregnant right now. I was not one of those glowing pregnant woman, I absolutely hated it, which was very hard for me to admit for a while. I felt like every mother needed to love pregnancy or it meant she didn’t love her baby- which we all know is just not true. I love Olivia more than life itself and when the timing is right well add another Rennie, but for now I’m enjoying my little family of 3 just a while longer


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