The story of us

William James + Victoria Ann ❤️

We don’t have your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love fairy tale story, but it’s my own personal fairy tale and I love telling the story of us.

I first met my husband in the Spring of 2008, I was actually interested in his friend at first which is funny since we’re all good friends now, and he was even in our wedding party. Fast forward to Summer of 2008 which is when my husband and I first started dating. We were only 15 and 16 and boy were we young, dumb and so in love. We dated for the next almost two years, and did all the high school sweetheart usuals – prom, parties, graduation, you name it. We can’t remember why we broke up, probably because he was now a college kid and I was still a senior in high school but regardless our relationship had ended in Winter of 2010.

Fast forward to the next four years, I went to college and he worked a lot, since school didn’t play into the cards for him. It was the Summer of 2014 and we were both newly single. My friend texted me that she was at a bar and that he was also there. I remember getting that text and immediately feeling all giddy again, so I went there to see him. We ended up talking outside the bar for hours, then texting all night and the rest is history. We started dating quickly after that night, about two months later moved in together, another year later I was pregnant, and two years later we were engaged with our baby girl in our own apartment.

We got married on May 5, 2017 and it was the best day ever. It down poured so we had to change our ceremony location to inside, we didn’t get to take advantage of our beautiful venue and definitely missed out on a lot of photographs but it was still the best day ever. I got to marry my first love, my very best friend and the love of my life. Our souls knew we belonged together even before we did. I truly believe that the universe put us back together because that is where we belong.

BJ is such a good dad and husband, we are so incredibly blessed to have him. Parenting with him is so beyond effortless, we have yet to disagree on any parenting topic, we have the same values & beliefs and we know how we want to raise Olivia. She will know how men should treat women because she will grow up watching how her father treats her mother. Everyone always asks me if I wished we waited til we were married to have Liv and my answer is no. I married a man that I knew undoubtably would be a good father. I got to watch him grow into an amazing dad for almost an entire year before we tied the knot. This made me realize that no matter what we are a team and he will always have my back.

And that’s the story of us. The story of the Rennie’s. He is my home, my safe place, my rock, my everything. True, real love is so rare now a days and I will never stop being thankful for this one in a lifetime love.

4 thoughts on “The story of us

  1. I write this teary eyed as I was there to watch all of this. I knew BJ was going to be the man you married despite ups and down while dating and then eventually breaking up. I knew he was the man for you and the son in law & Father to my grandchild every mother would dream of. I love you both with all my heart.

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