Affordable Teeth Whitening at Home

Hi again friends! I know I haven’t blogged in a while but today I have to tell you guys about an amazing product I’ve been using the last few weeks. We all have different insecurities and my less than perfect smile has always been one of mine.

Growing up I didn’t always love my smile, I had braces in middle school but was still never fully confident in my smile. I actually never even had a cavity until college, when the coffee drinking started. As we all know coffee stains your teeth and can weaken your enamel. My teeth starting turning yellow and becoming extremely sensitive over the years. Once I became a mom the coffee drinking because an obsession and I couldn’t find a way to keep my teeth white enough.

So without further ado let me introduce you to my newest and favorite product, at home teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant! This at home affordable teeth whitening process has changing my entire smile and it was so effortless. Smile Brilliant costs 70% less than other custom whitenting trays and they are up to 5x faster. The average dentist charges $500+ for the exact same service. Wouldn’t you rather the same treatment at home for a fraction of the cost. Seems like a win-win to me.

First let me explain you how the process works. Smile brilliant will send a kit to your house, then you have to create molds for your teeth so they can return personal fitted trays custom to you. These customized trays ensure that every angle and every tooth is whitened. The kit includes instructions for every step and makes the entire process extremely easy.

My favorite part about the customized trays is how comfortable they are. I’ve tried so many other whitening tricks, the crest white strips always fell off, the charcoal toothpaste actually turned my teeth and sink black, nothing seemed to work until smile brilliant. I can wear my trays during the day, at night, while I’m working out, while I’m taking care of my daughter, and I can even still talk with them…. huge win!

The other thing I love about Smile Brilliant is that I can chose the amount of time I want to whiten. They suggest whitening between 45 minutes – 3 hours. Some days if I’m home for a majority of the day I can wear my trays for hours and other days when I have a lot of errands I only wear them for 45 minutes. Having that flexibility while being a mom has been so amazing.

And last but not least I know my teeth can definitely become sensitive while I’m whitening. Which is why Smile Brilliant offers a desensitizing gel that can be worn up to 20 minutes after whitening to help decrease sensitivity. I use the gel every other time I whiten to make sure my teeth never get too sensitive. I don’t know if any other whitening product that worries about sensitivity the way Smile Brilliant does.

And here are my results! I have loved this entire process and how white my teeth are now!!

Now I have super exciting news! I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give one lucky winner a $150 value giveaway!

All you have to do to enter is fill out the entry form here!
Also be sure to follow both Smile Brilliant and LivinLovinMommin on Instagram and tag/share with your friends who would also love a chance to win!
Good luck everyone!!

For those who do not win, but would still love to try out your very own at-home teeth whitening kit, you can use the code livinlovinmommin15 for 15% off!



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